About Arcane Arts

Arcane Arts is an independent game developer and publisher. We are currently working on a mobile strategy game, War of Guardians.

In 2010 we were introduced with a new era in gaming, the age of mobile games. Most mobile games are simple, yet they can still be good! From our perspective they are the perfect solution to those who are busy with their real life commitments yet still dreaming of playing quality games.

However, as mobile games become more popular, their business models shift towards the “Pay to Win” concept. In a free online game “Pay to Win” can be defined as providing means for players to obtain better items and/or gears in exchange of real money. As players we were struggling to find good mobile games with no such concept. Hence, in 2013 we decided to develop one, namely War of Guardians!

Player satisfaction is the most important matter for us even though as a team of developers we still need to make money to sustain our business. Therefore, we always strive to provide quality games while at the same time making money without hindering players from enjoying the games we bring.